Rotterdamwatershed events

#rotterdamwatershed is unique in multiple ways

The force of innovation of Rotterdam in the field of climate adaptation is unprecedented. And that can be noticed. Again and again inventions from Rotterdam are in the international spotlights. Connecting the eco-technical aspects and social-economic aspects of problems is appreciated by the world. Both inner city and outer city solutions are a source of inspiration for other (delta) cities around the world. Logically Rotterdam has chosen the theme ‘dry feet’ for the World City Expo in Edinburgh 2016.

The design for the pavilion by Eline Strijkers of DoepelStrijkers was selected by winning a design competition. organised by the municipality Rotterdam.

The pavilion is situated on a paved inner city square. Because of this environment. the focus for the pavilion has been on the most urgent inner city problems in relation to climate adaption. The pavilion shows how Rotterdam catches. retains and uses water to make the city safer. greener. healthier and more joyful.